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Microsoft Sharepoint

Posted under by gschmidt on Friday 17 April 2009 at 20:43

Microsoft SharePoint is a great information management platform that is easy to integrate in your enterprise environment.

Gathering information is just one point of an equation and its guaranteed that there are a lot of more systems that contain information from your enterprise.

SSWT helps you to integrate your information in the enterprise. Information logistics will not only cover Microsoft SharePoint but also a lot of other systems.

SSWT helps you to get control of your information by providing SMILA integrations to Microsoft SharePoint.

SSWT helps you while getting benefits out of Microsoft SharePoint by providing you the following services:

·         Services and consulting in your projects

·         Development of your portals

·         SMILA integrations

o   Microsoft SharePoint Crawler

o   Search integration of SMILA

o   Information annotation or metadata generation for existing data

 Get control of your information!