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.NET Development

Posted under by gschmidt on Friday 26 December 2008 at 23:34

Since .NET 1.0 experience in developing commercial .NET applications and since for over 10 years experience in developing applications based on Microsoft technology  gives SSWT a good standing for developing your software applications. This 10 year experience gives you as much security as you need while waiting for a high end solution for your application.

SSWT provides several software development services using its high quality software development processes. These services include:

·         outsourcing of development projects and support

·         offshore development

o   nearshore

o   offshore

·         project consulting

Different quality levels for project hand over could be defined. That includes a fully automated proof of functionality including a code coverage of executed test cases.

All these services are offered with conditions that meet the customers’ expectations and processes. Offers could be made for fixed price project as well as time and material based projects.

On customer requirement maintenance contracts for projects are possible.