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Technology Training

Posted under by gschmidt on Thursday 7 May 2009 at 11:16

Technology training is a great way to improve the performance of your team.

The following aspects of technology training is offered by SSWT.

·         SMILA and search technologies like Lucene

·         OSGi

·         Development process training

SMILA and Search Technologies
SMILA is a great platform for building search or information aware applications. Do you want start using SMILA as framework for your information management technology? Why not having technology training from one of the architects of the SMILA platform?

Get SMILA under your hood fast!

Do you want to get familiar in using Lucene or other search technologies? Do you want to embed search in your applications?

Get technology training now!

OSGi is a great technology for building modular applications.

This technology shifts several programming paradigms you know and creating software in that environment is not as easy as expected.

·         Managing the build process

·         Good quality bundles

·         Anomalies on invalid meta data

·         Configuration management

·         Class loading


All aspects you should know when moving to OSGi.

Get technology training now!

Development Process Training
Having a stable development process is one of the most important aspects when delivering good quality software. Developing good quality software starts from creating high quality specifications and designs and is moving to a well controlled delivery process.

Taking a closer look on your process… do you have a neutral view on the quality of your delivery process?

Did you have the following technologies or process steps, including quality measures for the management team,  working?

·         Daily build

·         Continuous integration

·         Static code analysis

·         Unit tests including test coverage

·         Coding conventions (including developer support and measurement of that quality)


Which quality processes do you have?

Do you want to have an independent view on your processes? Do you want to improve your development process?

Get technology training now!